Attending the March and Rally



  • Buses: We will be providing two buses which will be in the March.

    The Reclaim Pride Accessibility team is working to ensure that all members of our community will be able to participate in the Queer Liberation March.

    We will be offering seats on a bus to our siblings who require a alternative in order to travel the March path. To reserve a seat please fill out the form below. Seats will be given on a first come first serve basis: Click here for the March Bus form

    You will be able to board the bus at :

    • 9am-9:30am at Sheridan Square;

    • Estimated 10 am at Greeley Square Park

    • Estimated 11 am at Bryant Park.

    The buses will follow the March to Central Park and drop-off at the Rally. After you fill out the form, you will receive an email confirmation with the exact placement for a pickup point.

  • Water Stations: We will have water available at Bryant Park, and at the 59th St. entrance to Central Park

  • Trained Marshals will be with the March for the whole route, helping marchers when needed and providing safety.


  • American Sign Language Interpreters will be at the Rally and medical tent at the Great Lawn.

  • CART: The Rally will have CART available for the entire duration

  • Water Stations: Two water stations at the Rally will be available for reusable water bottle refills - please bring your own and stay hydrated! . No glass bottles allowed on the Great Lawn.

  • ADA:

    • There will be ADA compliant portable restrooms at the rally site.

    • Some seating will be available at the rally in a designated ADA section. We are making every effort in our budget to provide an adequate amount of seating. Due to the volume of attendants, these chairs will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

We encourage everyone to plan their transportation and make arrangements ahead of time. If you have specific needs or questions about the buses, or any other accommodation, please let us know how we can best support you and we will do our best to do so.

Please send inquiries to

Come Prepared

We will be marching 4 miles in the summer sun and be on the Great Lawn during the heat of the day.

  • Water: Bring a thermos of cold water – water will be available on the Great Lawn, at Bryant Park and at 59th and a limited supply of emergency water throughout the march. Remember, no glass bottles on the Great Lawn.

  • Food: Pack a lunch & snacks – but nothing that will spoil in the heat. There will not be food vendors on or near the Great Lawn.

  • Sun: Bring sunscreen, wear a hat or visor, and comfortable clothing - bring an umbrella.

  • Get off your feet: Bring a light blanket or sheet to spread out on the lawn.

Go Green

Keep It Simple – Take Out What You Bring In

  • Trash: If possible, take your trash home with you. There will also be trash receptacles around the Great Lawn.

  • Plastic: Bottles are fine to recycle, but film, flexible and soiled plastic is not.

  • Organics: If possible, take home and compost.

  • Ask a volunteer: If you have any questions about waste, ask someone.

Things You Can Bring

In the march, we encourage you to bring:

  • Signs and banners - but not on wooden or metal poles, only use cardboard

  • Drums, horns, and other portable musical instruments - but no amplification systems

  • Your family, your friends and anyone else!! Allies more than welcome!!

At the rally, you can bring:

  • Service animals, blankets, umbrellas (but not the kind that go into the ground)

  • Backpacks are fine but subject to check

Things You Cannot Bring

In the march

  • No wooden or metal poles

  • No sound amplification systems

  • Nothing too heavy to carry during the march

To the rally

  • Glass bottles, tables, chairs, balloons, pets (except service dogs)

  • Oversized items like coolers & luggage

  • Tarps and anything else that is not permeable

  • Weapons, drones

People Who Will Assist You During the Day

  • Trained marshals will be with the March for the whole route, helping marchers when needed and providing safety.

  • Street medics will be with us throughout the march, and medical personnel will be throughout the rally site.