Queer Liberation March - Optional Group Participation Information

Groups planning to join us for the Queer Liberation March may register in advance. This will help us estimate how many people will be marching on the 30th, and learn more about you and your members. This form is optional - no one is required to register for the March. When we say, "Off the sidewalks and into the streets!" - we mean it. There is not a registration form for individuals - please show up with your friends and be a part of this momentous protest.

If you have any questions about the March or Rally, you can reach us at Logistics@reclaimpridenyc.org.

We are working hand in hand with all of the members of our community to ensure that everyone can fully participate. If you have concerns about mobility, cost to participate, language/communication or other issues, we would be happy to work with you - please email Access@reclaimpridenyc.org.