June 30th 2019, New York City

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The Queer Liberation March is a people’s political march—no corporate floats, and no police in our march. Please see our statement on Why We March. We honor the powerful legacy of the Stonewall Rebellion by highlighting the most marginalized members of our community, as we commit to addressing the ongoing struggles that we face.

Retracing the steps of the original Christopher Street Liberation Day March of 1970, the Reclaim Pride Coalition will gather in Sheridan Square, march all the way up 6th Avenue, and end with a rally in Central Park's Great Lawn.

Everyone is welcome to join the March at any point. The March is free, legal and safe, with no pre-registration or wristbands required.

  • We will have overarching art and themes you can participate in

  • We will gather on 7th Ave south of Christopher Street before stepping off at 9:30am.

  • We will march one block up 7th Avenue, take a right on West 10th Street over to 6th Avenue and then all the way up 6th Avenue into Central Park.

  • Meet up with the March at Bryant Park by 11am. We realize not all folks can make the 9:30 a.m. step off, so we encourage you to join the March at this point instead.

  • You can join the march at any point by stepping off of the sidewalks into the streets anywhere north of West 12 Street on 6th Ave. The NYPD has told us there will not be any barricades along 6th Ave.

  • The march will end with a Rally in Central Park's Great Lawn at 1 pm with disability access on the corner of East 85th Street & 5th Ave. You are welcome to join us here at any time.

Click here for details about accessibility, what to bring and what not to bring and other important information.

Moments of Silence

During the day we will have two moments of silence. Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, we encourage you to participate in both as we remember those we have lost.

11 am - First moment of silence
We take this moment to remember and honor those in our communities we have lost to homophobia, transphobia, racism and sexism, to HIV/AIDS, and to violence in all its forms. We remember those whose names echo throughout history, and the many more whose names we will never know but who lived their lives boldly, courageously and with great pride.

2 pm - Second moment of silence
We take this moment to remember and honor those who have had their lives cut short. We stop in silence to pay special tribute to the trans women of color murdered throughout the country merely for proudly being truly themselves. And we honor and remember those killed by police or while incarcerated, those who have died by gun violence or by lack of access to housing and medical care. We miss them all and we fight on in their names.


We are recruiting volunteers for the day and would be very grateful for your time and your help.

Please email our volunteer coordinators at Volunteer@Reclaimpridenyc.org if you would like to help out.


Please send all media inquiries to media@reclaimpridenyc.org

Check in the coming days for information about the program for our rally on the Great Lawn and other updates.

Click HERE for interactive map

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