Media Assets

We have the right to remain vocal!

In coordination with news outlets and the larger coalition of liberation-focused individuals and organizations, We present below a variety of media resources for as many various media needs.


Style Guide a la Reclaim Pride

We’ve turned our priorities into a stark set of guidelines for keeping true to our activist roots, while honoring that legacy whose expression was first made 50 years ago.

rpc-logo no corners.png

Logo - rounded

Our signature image features a hand grasping to reclaim a full community flag (including People of Color stripes black and brown). The Coalition name and our home base city surround the image in it’s text.

RPC - QLM - PalmCard - 1_Side_1.png

Palm Card 1, side 1

Activism and urgency are key components to our starkly laid-out graphic. Side one presents the name of the March, in the upper banner… Calls to action; “Join, Endorse & Donate” occupy the lower left section; the lower center section shows the day, timing, starting point & planned route; and the lower right section shows the Reclaim Pride Coalition’s logo.