International Pride Events  

London, UK
UK Black Pride:

A festival kind of event that is inclusive of people of all races, on the day after the official Pride March. They have some corporate sponsors.

Queer Picnic:

Alternative to Pride, open to people of all races and religions. They criticize the corporations at Pride. They also criticize the secularization of the event and point to visibility issues for people of Muslim faith.

Brighton, UK
Trans Pride Brighton:

Promotes trans presence at Pride events, especially women of color. Holds a march and a pride fest. Also criticizes corporations at official Pride.

UK, National

National Union of Students, LGBT+ caucus. They marked the anniversary of the Gay Liberation Front march by re-enacting photos of the original march actions (in 2010). They have protested the lack of political messaging at Pride events nationwide.

Manchester, UK
“Reclaim the Scene”:

Has organized protest marches again the corporate and business friendly policies of the official Manchester Pride.

Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Free Pride Glasgow:

Organized less commercial independent Pride in Glasgow. Originally planned to exclude drag queen performers on stage in order to respect the sensibility of trans and non-binary marchers but later reversed that decision.

Calgary, Canada
Unity of Uniform:

 Created for service persons as an alternative Pride after the official Pride prohibited law enforcement to march in their uniform


Several alternative Pride events have been happening around France in the last years that have gathered under the name of "Pride de Nuit”. They criticize in particular the lack of political messaging at the “official” gay prides. (in French)

Pride de nuit - Lyon, France
Alternative anti-capitalist, anti colonialist, antiracist Pride march that took place in March and June 2018:

Pride de nuit - Paris, France
Alternative and political Pride march that took place the night before the official Paris Pride march in 2015, 2016 and 2017:

Pride de nuit - Nice, France
Alternative anticapitalist, anti colonialist, antiracist Pride march to take back the night, in June 2018:

Pride de nuit - Toulouse, France 
Alternative Pride march against that took place at night in 2016, 2017, and 2018:
Stop au Pinkwashing:

Stop au Pinkwashing Paris, France:

Protested corporations at pride, with placements of “act up” in the parade after big companies, protested pinkwashing and the presence of politicians in the March.

Cologne, Germany
Alternativer CSD Köln:

Alternative Pride March the Saturday before the official Pride March. Protesting corporations, lack of political messaging, and politicians at official pride.

Trans Pride Cologne:

Pride event for trans and intersex people.

Berlin, Germany

The Queer Liberation March, Kreuzberger CSD and Queer Picnic:
They protested corporate and state pinkwashing, the commercialization of mainstream pride events and elevated the voices of the most marginalized members of the community (people of color, trans, intersex, people with disabilities, working class, women, refugee and asylum seeking queers).


Days of Heart, a drag march that includes a weekend street fest

Kwaku Pink Sunday:

Celebrates racial diversity within pride. Part of Amsterdam official Pride.