Art & Themes

This is a march, not a parade.

Here are some suggestions to participate in the greater vision of the day:

Reviving Our Roots


Who are you marching with in spirit?
How will you carry them with you on the March?

The Queer Liberation March includes people that are here in spirit and not in body. This includes trans women of color angels, missing & murdered indigenous women, people who died in the AIDS crisis, Stonewall rioters, culturally-specific queer ancestors, international queer & transgender folks & others with concerns for their safety, people with disabilities who are unable to march, people who loved us & supported our journeys, etc.

We encourage people to make art, carry photographs, create drag looks & other creative strategies to honor & march with all who helped us reach this historic day. When we arrive at the Great Lawn there will be altar/memorial areas to gather these effigies together for our community to mourn and appreciate, united as souls with those who came before.

Dress intentionally to subvert rainbow capitalism.


By looking our best in black and pink with gold accents, we make a distinct visual statement.

What gifts can you share with your community?

In addition to the rally, here are some of the other activities we’re planning on the Great Lawn of Central Park

  • Picnic blankets : Make or bring a PICNIC BLANKET so those who are marching have places to sit.  At the end of the day we will have areas to deposit your picnic blanket so they can be donated to Sylvia’s Place and other mutual aid groups who help struggling queer & trans folks get settled into new homes.

  • Activities & performances for the Great Lawn : Be creative! Field games, instruments, performances, activities…. whatever you can dream & lead, the Great Lawn is ours for the day as we gather together for one afternoon in time.

Remember that it our duty to leave the Great Lawn exactly how we found it -- ie, no trash or installations left behind. We will have waste and garbage collection sites around the Great Lawn. Ask us for help if you think you will need it!